A pool is something quite a few people dream of and many actually follow through on. However, a property owner’s satisfaction with the pool will depend in large part on whether the pool is what he or she envisioned before the project began. Following are 7 tips for successful pool design offered by Everlast Pools (www.everlastpools.com.au).


When designing any pool, the top priority must be the safety of those using the pool and preventing unwanted access to the area. A failure in this area can lead to disaster so it must be the first consideration.

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What is the purpose of the pool? Will it mainly be used for exercise or to entertain family and friends? Answer this question at the beginning of the process as it will play a role in all other elements of this backyard feature.


What size will the pool need to be? The function of the pool helps determine how big or small the swimming area will ultimately end up being. For example, a person who wants to swim laps must ensure the pool is large enough to do so. In contrast, a couple with no children may want a small pool for only the two of them and no guests. Regardless of how big or how small the pool is, it should be in proportion to the home and the rest of the landscape when the project is complete.


The shape of the pool may also be determined by its function, but not necessarily. For example, a person who wishes to swim laps will want to a rectangular pool most likely. A family using the pool for recreational purposes, however, may wish to have a unique shape to fit their backyard.


How much time can be spent maintaining the pool? This will also help determine the final design of this backyard feature. Nevertheless, thanks to advances in technology, less time will need to be spent on this task, as machines can do much of the work. Keep this in mind when designing your dream pool.

The Overall Landscape

The pool should blend in with the overall landscape. In fact, it’s often the landscape that allows one pool to stand out from another. Make certain this is a priority during the design process for the best results.


Why settle for a pool that looks like every other pool in the neighborhood? Consider having unique features added to truly make it your own. An experienced pool designer can be of great help with this.

Visit Everlast Pools for more information on successful pool design. While on the site, be sure to check out the photo gallery to get a better understanding of projects they have completed. Once you see their amazing work, you’ll want them to start on your project right away.

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